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Providing FREE tutoring for the children of our Healthcare Workers.


"Hoping to give back to the frontline workers who have risked their lives throughout the pandemic, a college student has created a program that offers free tutoring to their children."


"In the beginning, there were only five student tutors. Now, there are more than 50 in Mozarsky's free tutoring service."


"Mozarsky said he wants to keep Free for the Frontline Tutors going, expanding its reach beyond health care to other essential workers and continuing to offer the service even after the pandemic subsides."


"When coronavirus forced Brett Mozarsky's senior year online, he realized the challenges of virtual learning went beyond his school."


"Mozarsky hopes that they will keep adding subjects so that students can receive help for any class for which they require it."

Free for the Frontline Tutors Who We Are

A group of students from Haverford College united during the COVID-19 pandemic to help students struggling to learn during quarantine. We set out to provide FREE tutoring services to middle school and high school children of healthcare workers. We offer free-of-charge tutoring as a thank you to those who have put their lives on the line during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We perform all tutoring online to maintain social distancing and offer flexible hours to accommodate your family’s schedule. References and resumes will be provided upon request.


Brett Mozarsky

Brett Mozarsky is a senior at Haverford College. He grew up in Chappaqua, NY, where he graduated from Horace Greeley High School. At Haverford, Brett studies chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. He is currently conducting research on self-assembling peptides. He is a member of Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL), a tutoring organization in Haverford's chemistry department, and he specializes in tutoring in chemistry, biology, and math. When not in class, Brett plays soccer for the Haverford men's varsity soccer team as an outside back. He also enjoys drawing and painting in his spare time.


Kevin Kaufman

Kevin Kaufman is a physics major with a concentration in math and a minor in economics at Haverford College. He is also starting a master’s program for Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. He has been tutoring since high school and continues to do so as a peer tutor for math, physics, and economics at Haverford. Kevin loves tutoring because it allows him to share his passion for concepts and areas many find boring and truly show how engaging they can be. Kevin plays for the varsity men’s soccer team at Haverford, is an incoming associate at Boston Consulting Group after college, and has a lot of experience working in non-profits that support specific groups in need.


Fiona Kegler

Fiona Kegler was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in London and came back to the States to attend Haverford College. She is a senior majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Sociology. While on campus, Fiona works as a tutor in the Haverford Writing Center and as an intern in the Office of Academic Resources. She loves a bit of musical theater and really loves working with people to find confidence in their academic ideas and writing.


Zach Brown

Zach Brown is a senior pursuing a Chemistry major, a Biochemistry concentration, and a concentration in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. He is from Shaker Heights, OH, which is just outside of Cleveland. Outside of the classroom at Haverford, Zach is on the Men’s Soccer team, a manager for the Phonathon program, and a member of the Joe Schwartz 3K Planning Committee. He was also involved with the customs program as a Customs Person. He loves to travel and try new foods and restaurants.


Leela Krishnan

Leela Krishnan is a senior at Haverford College from Darien, CT. She is a math major and chemistry minor. She plays on the varsity field hockey team and is a board member of James House which is the art house on Haverford’s campus. She is a peer tutor at Haverford for chemistry and math. Leela is interested in a career as an actuary and has passed one exam.  This summer she is interning at Aon as an actuarial consultant. In her free time, Leela likes to exercise, watch movies, and hang out with friends at school. She is happy to tutor anyone who needs help with math and/or chemistry!


Ben Deichman-Caswell

Ben Deichman-Caswell is a senior at Haverford College from Kensington, Maryland. As a political science major, Ben serves as a research assistant for Barak Mendelsohn in the political science department. In Fall 2019, Ben studied abroad in Granada, Spain where he was able to further explore his passions for history and Spanish.


Sykes Cargile

Sykes Cargile is from Nashville, Tennessee. He is majoring in Physics and Economics at Haverford College, where he has experience in Astrophysics and Soft Matter physics research. Sykes also plays varsity soccer, sings with an a cappella group, does improv comedy, and helps run the student art house.


Fitz Dougherty

Fitz Dougherty is a senior at Haverford College from Villanova, Pennsylvania. He is an environmental studies major with a focus in biology, and dreams of pursuing a career in botany research. On campus, Fitz has worked in a paleobotany lab, served on the strength and conditioning advisory committee for two years, and is a two-time captain and four-time member of the varsity men’s squash team. Last summer, Fitz served as a conservation intern and Haverford CPGC Global Fellow at the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad’s rainforest for two months. This summer, he was supposed to be a research assistant at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center studying ginkgo tree adaptation, but due to COVID-19, is enthusiastically taking the new-found time to tutor and go fly fishing. As an environmental studies major, he’s taken an array of STEM courses such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, geology, ecology, and mathematics. From Fitz: “I am excited to have to opportunity to tutor and help my students become more comfortable with their material!”


Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen is a Junior at Haverford College pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in physics. A native of South Salem, New York, he has been tutoring math and physics throughout high school and college. In his free time, Aaron enjoys playing soccer and singing in an a cappella group.


Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker is from Bowie, Maryland, and is a junior at Haverford College. He is a Physics major, and his favorite subjects are math and science related. Outside of classes, Anthony is on the soccer team at Haverford and enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and music, spending time with his family and friends, and watching sports.


Matthieu Maciejewski

Matthieu Maciejewski is from Potomac, Maryland. He is a senior at Haverford College pursuing a Chemistry major and a Biochemistry concentration. This year, Matthieu will be doing his senior thesis on designing and developing novel morphine antagonistic mimetic structures. Outside of the classroom, he is a part of the Haverford Varsity Men’s Soccer Team.


Anay Mehta

Anay Mehta is a sophomore at Haverford College. He really enjoys math and is planning on majoring in it. Math has always been Anay’s passion, but outside of that he also plays the electric guitar and is a big soccer fan. He has tutored students in the past and is excited to be a part of this tutoring service to help your student.

Harika Headshot

Harika Dabbara

Harika recently graduated Haverford College with a B.S in biology and minor in psychology. She is currently applying to medical school and working for the Division of Women's Health at Brigham and Women's Hospital on educational initiatives with Harvard Medical School as well as various clinical research projects focused on sex and gendered informed care. While at Haverford, Harika enjoyed peer tutoring and working as a teaching assistant for the biology and chemistry departments. In addition, she served on the peer instruction leadership board and worked closely with the director of the peer tutoring program to improve the program. In her free time she likes to cook/bake and go on hikes with friends. She is happy to tutor anyone in biology and chemistry!

Amanda headshot

Amanda Halliday

Amanda Halliday is from Bethesda, Maryland. She is a sophomore at Haverford College studying psychology and biology. She enjoys running, biking, and spending time with friends in her free time. She would be happy to help anyone who needs tutoring in writing, history, math, and science!

Allison Dockman Headshot

Allison Dockman

Allison Dockman is a sophomore at Haverford College from Baltimore, Maryland. She studies biology and is planning on fulfilling a premed concentration. In the fall, she will be working in the biology labs as well as in the writing center, but she also enjoys singing and running. She's tutored in math and English before, but would be happy to help with Spanish or biology as well!

Zarin headshot

Zarin Mohsenin

Zarin is a senior at Haverford where she studies Biology, Spanish, and Health Studies. She is from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves to read, surf, and go for long runs. She has experience tutoring in biology, chemistry, and Spanish, and is looking forward to helping students achieve their goals!

Megan Coolahan Headshot

Megan Coolahan

Megan is a junior at Haverford College from Newtown, PA. She is a biology major with minors in Spanish and environmental studies. At Haverford, Megan works as a peer tutor and teaching assistant for the chemistry department and works in a marine microbiology lab. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, baking/cooking, and reading.

Christina Headshot

Christina McBride

Christina McBride is a sophomore at Haverford College pursuing a chemistry major, biochemistry concentration, and neuroscience minor. While growing up in Lancaster County, PA, she fell in love with tutoring and founded an after-school tutoring program for at-risk students in her local middle school system. Outside of her classes, she is involved in undergraduate research, Haverford's first year orientation program, multiple vocal ensembles, and the intramural tennis team. She would love to help anyone who needs tutoring in English, writing, SAT prep, biology, chemistry, physics, or math!

april zeng headshot

April Zeng

April Zeng is a sophomore at Haverford College from Greenville, North Carolina.  She is pursuing a psychology major and a health studies minor. In the fall, she will be an Upper-Class Advisor, providing academic support to first year students. Outside of school, April plays on the varsity soccer team and enjoys hiking, painting, and exercising. She has previous tutoring experience and is happy to help anyone who needs tutoring in math, Spanish, and chemistry!

aviva soll headshot

Aviva Soll

Aviva Soll is a sophomore at Haverford College from Portland, OR. She enjoys studying biology, chemistry, and environmental studies - and along with a dance minor is deciding between those for her major. Aviva’s experience in tutoring includes: biology, chemistry, physics, math, and geology. This summer she’s working in a tuberculosis research lab and is looking forward to future research opportunists at Haverford. In her free time Aviva likes to boulder and hike, especially in the PNW.

Sarina Smith

Sarina Smith

Sarina is a sophomore from Plymouth Meeting, PA. She is pursuing a biology major and a neuroscience or health studies minor. She tutors middle-school students in science in Haverford's Mentoring and Student Teaching (MAST) program, and she tutored math and English in high school. She is a member of the Haverford Outdoors Club (HavOC) and enjoys hiking and walking with her dog. In her free time, she also likes reading, listening to podcasts, and caring for her array of plants. She is also an advocate for Huntington's disease research and awareness. This summer, she is interning remotely with Food Moxie and helping with their summer youth programming.

Matt Hogenauer Headshot

Matt Hogenauer

Matt Hogenauer is a rising sophomore at Haverford College. He intends to major in biology or chemistry on the premed track with a minor in health studies. Coming from Maine, Matt loves to surf, snowboard, and walk his dogs!

Leanne Ludwick Headshot

Leanne Ludwick

Leanne is a recent Haverford College graduate from Chambersburg, PA. Currently, she is working as a clinical research fellow at the Rothman Orthopedic Institute in Philadelphia. While at Haverford, she studied Biology and worked as a Biology Teaching Assistant for two years. She also pursued a minor in Health Studies. Outside of classes, Leanne was a member of Haverford’s women’s varsity soccer team and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. She is happy to tutor anyone in math or science!

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Ben Mass

Ben Mass is a senior at Haverford College from Cheltenham, PA. At Haverford, Ben is pursuing a Chemistry major with a concentration in Biochemistry and a minor in Health Studies. Currently, he is writing his senior thesis on protein aggregation in Parkinson's disease. Ben works as a peer tutor in chemistry and biology and serves as a co-captain of the Men's Club Soccer team. He enjoys playing golf in his free time


Adena Kibel

Adena Kibel is a sophomore at Haverford College from Rye Brook, New York. At Haverford, she studies philosophy and Spanish. Next semester, Adena will be a teaching assistant for the Spanish Department, leading review sessions and offering additional academic support. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys playing tennis, reading and snorkeling. Adena tutored throughout high school and is excited to help students with English, Spanish and history!

Max Stempel

Max Stempel

Max Stempel is a senior at Haverford College. He grew up in Schnecksville, PA, where he graduated from Parkland High School. At Haverford. Max studies chemistry, with a concentration in biochemistry and a minor in health studies. He is currently completing research on using computational chemistry to simulate proteins. In terms of tutoring, Max has served as a member of Peer Led Team Learning, a tutoring group that facilitates group discussion and collaboration in the Chemistry Department. Max specializes in tutoring chemistry, biology, math, and English. Outside of the classroom, Max performs as a clarinetist in the Haverford-Bryn Mawr Bi-College orchestra. He also enjoys running and swimming.

Neel Vidwans headshot

Neel Vidwans

Neel Vidwans is a senior at Haverford College. He grew up in West Chester, PA, and graduated from Tower Hill School. Neel is currently pursuing a Chemistry degree with a concentration in Biochemistry, ultimately hoping to apply to Medical School. His research currently entails the study of the interactions between coordinating metals and inorganic ligands, ultimately looking to explore their biomedical applications. Neel is also a TA in organic chemistry, and is open to tutoring chemistry, physics, and math. In his free time, Neel is an avid golfer.

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